PHOTO REPORT - Uganda November 2008 Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library

Fishing Uganda
Inbound to Entebbe, Uganda Visiting Bent, Nile Perch guide Departure on to Lake Victoria
Trolling Local Fishermen Nile Perch bite, and we lose the big ones
Søren with 10 kg Nile Perch Johnny with 10 kg Nile Perch Staying on Bugala Island for two nights
A sign you might want to see before swimming Sunset And the predators show up
Dinner: Barbecued Nile Perch Last day of fishing Boat Guide, Godfrey, prepares the tackle
What? Is the lake on fire? No, that's swarms of Lake Flies An experience out of the ordinary
Fishing until late afternoon Last fish of the trip goes beserk Søren with 13½ kg Nile Perch